Adaptive Sports Resources

Life, Inc  (Living Independence for Everyone)

  • The primary goal of LIFE is to give the right tools to individuals with disabilities so they can become as independent and as fully involved in their community as they want to be.

  • US Adaptive Golf Alliance

    • USAGA is advancing human potential and promoting equality for the disabled through the game of golf.

  • National Alliance of Accessible Golf

    • The National Alliance for Accessible Golf (Alliance) is the leader in inclusion— working to ensure the opportunity for all individuals with disabilities to play the game of golf.

  • Georgia State Golf Association

    • The purpose of adaptive golf is to help anyone (with a focus on individuals with mobility and cognitive challenges) find the best techniques and resources to play and enjoy golf! 

  • North American One-Armed Golfer Association

    • The mission of NAOAGA is to promote the game of golf to those that must play "one-handed" due to a physically-challenged condition for the purpose of competition, recreation, and physical & emotional rehabilitation

  • US Disabled Golf Association

    • Our Mission:
      To provide people with physical, sensory, and intellectual disabilities an opportunity to showcase his or her ability in a golf championship at the highest level in the USA.

  • American Disabled Golfers Association

    • The American Disabled Golfers Association helps to create handicapped accessibility to golf courses for disabled golfers.  Furthermore we provide a variety of golf related benefits which help improve the quality of life and well being for the disabled.

  • Disabled Sports USA

    • Disabled Sports USA’s mission is to provide national leadership and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence, and fitness through participation in community sports, recreation and educational programs.

  • National Amputee Golf Association

  • Southern Amputee Golf Association

  • Adaptive Golf Association