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100th Anniv of Armistice Day 1918 Daffin Park WWI Memorial

At the 11th hour, of the 11th Day, in the 11th Month, a truce was reached, the guns became silent, the phosgene gas was gone, the slaughter stopped and peace came to Europe---for awhile, and our doughboys came home, 140 of our Savannah boys in boxes.


Participating in the effort initiated by the National Commission for the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of 1st Armistice Day, 11 Nov 1918, 

Veterans Council is hosting a Remembrance worthy of the historical day.


At 11:00 am Sunday 11 Nov 2018, in Towns all across America, the bells of Churches, City Halls, Fire Houses and maybe some school houses, will be tolled for "an extended period."


Savannah City Hall's bell, Bay St at Bull will be tolled starting at 11:00, then will pause aat 11:01, so Eagle Scout Blake Early, grandson of Vietnam Veteran helicopter pilot Dale DeRoia of Savannah, will sound TAPS, and the City's bells shal resume being tolled at 11:02.


The every minute thereafter, TAPS will be sounded at each  of the five squares going South on Bull Street:

11:02  Johnson Sq  by Evan Swindell, Sav HS Student

11:03  Wright Sq by James Jenkins, Sav HS 2002 Grad

11:04  Chippewa Sq  by SGT Tim Saia, Richmond Hill Police Dep 

11:05   at  Bull St and Liberty St, Chris Tillis, Sav Winds Community Orchestra 

11:06  Madison Sq  by Andrew Conger, Sav Winds Community Orchestra 

11:07  Monterey Sq by Charlie Conger, Sav Winds Community Orchestra 

11:08 Forsyth Park NORTH, Near USMC Monument Gaston St

                  Ken Luke, Sav Winds Community Orchestra

11:09  Forsyth Park CENTRAL, NEAR the FOUNTAIN, 

                  Samuel Diederich, Sav Winds Community Orchestra

11:10  Forsyth Park SOUTH, Near the Spanish -American War Soldier Statue

                  Lawton Lancaster, Living Historian 

11:11  Park Ave, on the Steps of Legion Post 135, Old Chatham Artillery Armory

                   MAJ Alan Sanborn, USA Ret.

11:12  Bull at Henry St by Jeff Farmer

11:13  Bull at 33rd, by Sean McBride, Effingam HS Facuty

11:14  Bull at 37th St, by Alex McBride, Effingham HS Student

15. 1115  40th St at Bull Roger Smith, US Army Ret

16. 1116  Victory Drive at Bull St

Bob Paredi  Sav Winds Community ORchestra 

17. 1117  Habersham at Victory 

Larry Quigley USMC Veteran, recent surgery removed one lung 

18. 1118  Reynolds at Victory

SGT Charles Torgerson  USA Army Band Ret., SC Army NG 

19. 1119  Paulsen at Victory 

SGT Kevin Byrne, 3rd ID Band

20. 1120  Waters at Victory

SGT Tony Licata, 3rd ID Band

21. 1121  WWI Memorial Daffin Park Victory at Waters  

SSG George Bryan, 3rd ID Band neutrality.


Allowing a few minutes for the TAPS Players to arrive from their outposts,at 11:30 the Remembrance Program begins, with LTC Doug Andrews, USA Ret., Chair of Veterans Council, providing a summary of events July 1914 to April 1917:  War in Europe and America's  neutrality and why America went OVER THERE, until it was over over there.


LTC Richard Stanton II, USMA 2002, current CDR of 2nd Bn, 7th Inf Regt, 3rd Inf Div, recounts what the 7th Inf did in Europe as part of the then newly formed 3rd Inf Div to fight in WWI.


Mayor Eddie DeLoach will share some memories as told by his grandfather, who fought in WWI, and in victory marched through the Arc de Triomphe of Paris. 


Luciana Spracher, Savannah's Dir of Research and Archivist, will relate what price Savannah paid during WWI to help ensure freedom for Europe, and the history of the Savannah Memorial to WWI veterans.  


On display will be some WWI artifacts and equipment from Gary Webb's Military Museum.


The 3rd ID Color Guard will present the Colors,and the 3rd ID Brass Ensemble  

will perform WWI era patriotic tunes.

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