Many of the people who we work with are in recovery from physical or mental disabilities.  We work mainly with veterans and the local VA Clinic to get patients involved in an outdoor activity.  Our monthly clinics are free to our Veterans and members of the community.  We do not want there to be any obstacles that would preclude anyone from participating, even if they have never held a club before. We work to get them on the course and our goal is to make them feel more confident to play in a tournament if they so choose.
Funds  received  from  our  sponsors  help  provide  specialized  equipment such as a “SoloRider,”  which is a single person golf cart to allow those with balance issues to retain their balance and drive directly up to the golf ball.  We also provide specialized equipment designed for almost any specific disability from gloves to clubs.  The golf course provides a comfortable, quiet and calming atmosphere  where  those  with  disabilities  can  relax  and  enjoy  the  comradery  of  their  fellow  golfers.